Criminal Defense

Criminal Defense

Conviction rates in Federal, State and Juvenile courts are on the rise. Very few lawyers are experienced at handling criminal cases through jury trial in court – Welt & Rheaume are an exception. With more than 25 years of experience in handling all types of felony and misdemeanor cases throughout the state of Florida. Welt & Rheaume has earned the respect of judges, prosecutors and State and Federal authorities as an aggressive law firm that zealously represents our clients rights. One of the keys to succeeding in defending criminal cases is preparation; in-depth legal research; developing detailed discovery and creating compelling motions. Welt & Rheaume is well versed in those attributes and we aggressively defend our clients at all proceedings. Welt & Rheaume handles all misdemeanor and felony cases, and probation violations in either State or Federal court anywhere in Florida. No case is too small or too large for Welt & Rheaume, and the initial consultation is always free. Welt & Rheaume do much more than simply question witnesses in court. For example, we will:

  • negotiate “deals” with prosecutors, often arranging for reduced charges and lesser sentencing (by contrast, prosecutors may be uncooperative with self-represented defendants)
  • formulate sentencing programs tailored to a client’s specific needs, often helping defendants avoid future problems with the criminal justice system
  • help defendants cope with the feelings of fear, embarrassment and reduced self-esteem that criminal charges tend to produce in many people
  • provide defendants with a knowledgeable, objective perspective with regard to their situation and what the likely outcome is should their case go to trial. This perspective is vital for defendants trying to decide whether to accept a prosecutor’s offered “plea bargain”
  • uncover important legalities that people representing themselves would find almost impossible to locate on their own, because many criminal law rules are hidden away in court interpretations of federal and state constitutions (for example, understanding what may constitute an “unreasonable search and seizure” often requires familiarity with a vast array of state and federal appellate court opinions)
  • bring our familiarity with local court customs and procedures that aren’t written down anywhere (for example, a defense lawyer may know which prosecutor has the “real” authority to resolve a case, and what kind of arguments are likely to appeal to that prosecutor)
  • understand the possible “hidden costs” of pleading guilty which a self-represented person might never think about
  • spend time and money on a case that a defendant cannot afford to spend
  • gather information from prosecution witnesses, who often fear people accused of crimes and therefore refuse to speak to people representing themselves
  • hire and manage investigators, who may be able to believably impeach (contradict) prosecution witnesses who embellish or change their stories at trial.

Regardless of the charges against you, we will work aggressively to defend you in a court of law. We routinely represent clients charged with the following crimes:

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