Condominium Associations and Condominium Unit Owners Property Damage

Condominium Associations and Condominium Unit Owners Property Damage.

Florida Statutes concerning Condominium Associations claims, as well as the Unit Owner claims are very specific. Certain requirements are necessary to properly present a claim. We have recovered millions of dollars and successfully represented many Condominium Associations against their insurance companies for property damage to the condominium. These claims (among others) include storm damage, fires, water damage, vandalism, and contractor’s defective repair or poor workmanship.

We also represent Condominium Unit Owners for property damage caused by or from other units or for claims stemming from a sudden and accidental loss which causes damage to the condominium unit or to personal property of the owner. We are available to meet with a Condominium Association Board or a Unit Owner to discuss any property damage issue at no charge.

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